Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program

The city is required to update and adopt its current 6-year Transportation Improvement Program (PDF) each year. This document lists all anticipated transportation capital improvements for which the city may pursue some phase of development during the next 6 years (2017-2022) such as funding, design, right of way or equipment acquisitions, construction or implementation. The TIP includes street and highway improvements, non-motorized projects, and transit investments.

Committee Review

The Transportation Advisory Committee and the Planning Commission also review the TIP and recommend it to the City Council for approval. The annual adoption of the update allows the city to apply for and receive various state and federal funds to implement projects in the program.

Draft Available for Public Comment

The Draft Proposed Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program for 2018-2023.PDF is available for public comment and will be presented to the planning commission on June 6, 2017 and to the city council in June.