Riverfront Redevelopment

On May 1, 2019, City Council approved the amendments to the master plan and development agreement for the landfill site.  The approved plan proposed by Shelter Holdings is for a six-phase mixed use development with 1,250 multi-family units, a theater, small grocery, possible medical clinic, hotel and office building.

Project History

In 2009, the Everett City Council approved a master plan for redevelopment of the Everett Riverfront. The purpose of the master plan was to transform three former industrial sites contaminated from past activities to productive urban uses and restore environmentally sensitive areas within the site. The Riverfront district consists of three development parcels, including the Simpson site on the south, the Mill site on the north, and the Landfill site in the center. It also includes public amenities that have been, or will be constructed for the enjoyment of the public and the benefit of the environment, including trails, a 3-acre park, and significant wetland restoration. The Simpson and Mill sites have been under development since 2014, and are nearing completion, with single family detached housing on Simpson and townhomes on the Mill property.

Changes to the Master Plan

The Landfill site, so named for its history as a solid waste landfill, and site of the 1984 tire fire, was originally planned as a destination "lifestyle entertainment center," anticipating major retail and entertainment development. Since the original master plan was approved in 2008, the Great Recession and evolving consumer purchasing habits have changed the nature of the retail industry, requiring a fresh look at the economic viability of the Landfill site master plan. The property has also changed hands, and the new developer, Riverfront Commercial Investment LLC, has proposed a new mixed-use concept for the site. The new plan proposes 1,250 multi-family housing units above ground floor retail and restaurants uses, a theater, a grocery store, a 250-room hotel, and 120,000 square feet of office building. The project will be developed in six phases. The application was filed with the City on January 10, 2019.

Public Review Process

Planning Commission took action on the proposed changes to the Riverfront Redevelopment Master Plan for the Landfill site on March 26, 2019.  The Planning Commission action is a recommendation to the City Council.  

Riverfront – Landfill Site Proposed Plans