Sign Code Update

The last significant change to the City’s sign regulations occurred with the adoption of Evergreen Way (E-1) zoning in 2012. The last major overhaul was completed in 1990. Since that time, there have been numerous incremental changes to the land use code, resulting in added complexity and proliferation of sign regulations throughout the code. Some sign regulations reside outside of the sign chapter of the Land Use code, which makes finding them difficult. There have also been court cases that have effectively placed limits on local government’s regulatory authority, with emphasis on free speech rights and content neutrality. Everett’s code is in need of amendments to ensure its regulations are consistent with these cases.

Proposed Changes

The Planning Department has begun drafting revisions to the sign code and has focused on the following elements: 

  • Complete an inventory of all sign regulations in the Land Use Code. 
  • Draft new regulations on "Temporary signs." 
  • Simplify the sign categories and standardize regulations that are appropriate to apply citywide. 
  • Develop options for freestanding signs in higher intensity commercial zones. 
  • Reorganize the sign regulations to improve ease of use and navigation. 

Next Steps

  1. 1/15/2019 – Planning Commission briefing. Draft code language to be provided 
  2.  2/19/2019 – Planning Commission briefing 
  3.  3/19/2019 – Planning Commission public hearing 

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