Help with Permit Search

Online Permitting Portal

  • Permit search:

     Search by permit number, site address, or parcel number to locate a specific permit.  Once located, double-click on a specific permit to find out submittal and issue dates, fee estimates, and status of plan reviews and inspections.  Also available are  a map of the site, contractor, and limited owner contact information
  • Project search:

     Search by Land Use project number, site address, or parcel number to find related permits and development applications.
  • Contractor search:

     Search by Washington State license number or contractor address to obtain phone number.
  • Parcel search:

     Search by owner name or parcel number for submitted permits to obtain additional information from the Snohomish County Assessor's office.


Permit Services can also provide you with phone assistance for how to use this online search tool.  

Please note that the online permit history goes back to the year 2000.  Prior permit history and drawings (limited availability) can be researched in our office during business hours.