Wall Street Sidewalk Repair

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Beginning in September, 2018, crews will work to repair and replace sidewalks around the Wall Street Building (2930 Wetmore Ave.) and North Police Precinct (3002 Wetmore Ave.). 

As part of the project, crews will need to remove several large red oak trees that have caused significant street and sidewalk damage. The trees were also planted without tree wells and have the potential to cause damage to surrounding utility lines. 

All trees that are removed will be replaced. Urban Sunset Maples will be planted to replace the trees on the south side of the Wall Street Building and Afterburner Tupelos will replace the rest of the trees along Wetmore. Both types of trees were selected in consultation with Parks staff and are considered ideal for this type of location. The trees will be planted after Public Works completes the sidewalk replacement, which is expected to take 6-8 weeks, weather depending.

Facilities Manager
Jeff Harris
Phone: 425-257-8846

maple tree
Urban Sunset Maple