Everett Public Works is focused on improving bicycle facilities in the City of Everett. The map below highlights bike facilities and amenities you can find throughout the city. See Related Documents for maps of current and planned bicycle projects.


  1. Bicycle Master Plan
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The master plan was adopted by the Everett City Council as an amendment to the Transportation Comprehensive Plan on April 20, 2011. The plan is used as the basis for future transportation projects and applying for federal and state grant funds. The recommended cross sections are used to improve existing bike lanes during ongoing maintenance projects.

Top 10 bicycle projects since 2011

The list is organized to emphasize corridor connectivity. 

The north/south bicycle corridor, connecting Legion Park to the Interurban Trail includes

Hoyt Streetscape that built 

1. Bicycle lanes on Hoyt in downtown.

2. Bicycle boulevard (shared bicycle/vehicle lanes) on Hoyt from Everett Ave to 19th St.

Pacific Ave to Interurban Trail bicycle safety corridor that built

3. Bicycle boulevard on Hoyt between Pacific and 41st.

4. Sidepath (shared, widened sidewalk for bicycles and pedestrians) on 41st between Hoyt and Colby.

5. Wayfinding and route signage on Hoyt, 41st and Colby from Pacific Ave to the Interurban Trail at Colby/44th.

Additional north/south connections include:

6. Everett Station bicycle connection to 41st. This project connected Everett Station to 41st and the Interurban trail (via the sidepath on 41st) by building bicycle lanes and shared bicycle/vehicle lanes on 3rd Ave S/Smith Ave between 41st and 33rd.

7. 112th St Bicycle Connection that completed a bicycle corridor on 112th St between Airport Rd and SR 527 by building bicycle lanes on 112th St between Silver Lake Rd and 19th Ave SE. 

8. Bicycle Lanes on 36th between Broadway and Smith Ave.

9. Mill Town Trail Connection that built a sidepath on W Marine View Dr and E Marine View Dr at spot locations between Everett Ave and Alverson Blvd.

10. Interurban Trail Safety Improvements built bollards and flashing beacons where the Interurban Trail intersects with local roads, such as Beverly Blvd.