Sidewalk Construction

The City of Everett has no internally funded program for construction of new sidewalks. Sidewalk construction is usually accomplished as a condition of development or subject to grant awards.   

Sidewalks are typically constructed in the City as a required frontage improvement by an adjacent development. In some older areas in Everett, sidewalks were not originally required. Other parts of Everett were developed while still under the jurisdiction of Snohomish County, before the area was annexed into the City.

Sidewalk construction is also made possible by grant awards, and local funds are used as match to grant funds. The City regularly pursues grant funding to pay for roadway widening projects (that usually include sidewalk construction) and Safe Routes to School projects (that can include sidewalk construction). Grants are typically awarded on a competitive basis, making funding levels variable. The following grant program examples include a sidewalk element. Most of these are eligible only if they are on what is classified as a federal functional route.

  • TIB Urban Arterial Program:

    Funded roadway/transportation projects typically include sidewalks on both sides on arterial streets.
  • WSDOT Safe Routes to School program:

    Includes sidewalk construction along walking routes to schools. We partner with local school districts. The recently completed improvements at Hawthorne Elementary School are an example.
  • WSDOT Safety grant program:

    This program can fund sidewalks where warranted by pedestrian related accident history.
  • WSDOT Bike/Ped Program:

    These projects are typically limited to about $500k. Streetscape 2 on Hoyt Avenue has this kind of funding.  

For information about sidewalk maintenance and replacement, visit the Sidewalk Maintenance web page.