Edgewater Bridge Replacement


The Edgewater Bridge carries W Mukilteo Blvd across Edgewater Creek at the western limits of Everett. The road is an important arterial for the Boulevard Bluffs neighborhood, and the bridge is used daily by nearby residents, transit, ferry traffic, school buses and emergency responders.

The design of the Edgewater Bridge replacement is nearly complete and the project is on track to select a contractor in early 2022 and begin construction in spring 2022. In 2020, community members weighed in on aesthetic preferences for the bridge, which have been incorporated into the bridge’s railings, light poles and gateway elements. See the Design & Aesthetics section below for bridge renderings.

Watch the recording of the Sept. 2, 2021 virtual community meeting to learn more about the project.

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Questions about the project 

Q: Why does the project require a year-long closure and detour?

A: There is no economically feasible way to keep the bridge partially open while we rebuild it. The same geography that makes this bridge an essential neighborhood transportation link also makes a detour unavoidable. You can view maps of the general detour route and school detour route when the bridge will be closed during construction, as well as a preliminary map of the construction area.

Q: Will the City provide pedestrian access through site or down the ravine?

A: There will be no pedestrian access from one side of the project to the other. Due to safety concerns, the City of Everett will not be providing a path down the ravine. On the Mukilteo side of the bridge, we tentatively plan to provide access along the closed portion of Mukilteo Blvd and Mukilteo Lane to allow pedestrians and bicyclists access to the Mt Baker railroad crossing.

The Edgewater Bridge spans W Mukilteo Blvd. between Mukilteo Ln/LaMar Dr and Shore Ave.

The Edgewater Bridge spans W Mukilteo Blvd. between Mukilteo Ln/LaMar Dr and Shore Ave.

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We are replacing this bridge and have completed a seismic retrofit of the Maple Heights Bridge as part of our earthquake hazard mitigation efforts. 

The current bridge was built in 1946 and is at the end of its useful life. While safe for daily use, it is functionally obsolete, structurally deficient and currently operates under load restrictions. It is also seismically vulnerable – if two of the three bridges along W Mukilteo Blvd. were lost in a major earthquake, nearby neighborhoods could be isolated.  

Building a new bridge is a long-term investment in our transportation system, providing for the safety of everyone walking, driving or using a wheelchair, stroller or bike on W Mukilteo Blvd.

Read our fact sheet to learn more about the Edgewater Bridge project.