Water Main Replacement S

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To replace 1946-54 era 12-inch cast iron pipe that is subject to high break frequency and/or high risk for damages from breaks.

Project description:

Phase 1: Replace about 3,800 feet of aging 3-inch & 6-inch diameter cast iron pipe water main in Rainier Avenue between 19th and 23rd streets with 1,900 linear feet of new 8-inch diameter ductile iron pipe. The 3-inch main is located on the west side, while the 6-inch main is located along the east side of Rainier Avenue. Those will be abandoned in-place. 

Phase 2: Replace about 3,200 feet of aging 12-inch cast iron pipe in 35th Street between Federal Avenue and Lombard Avenue with new 12-inch diameter earthquake resistant ductile iron pipe. The approximately 7,000 feet of pipe to be replaced has experienced 12 breaks since 1990, with 4 of those breaks occurring within the last 5 years.


Phase 1
Construction start: May 2018
Construction complete: July 2018

Phase 2
Construction start: January 2019
Phase 2 Construction complete (estimate): September 2019 

Project managers:

Richard Hefti
Phone: 425-257-7215

Keith Alewine
Construction Management Project Manager
Phone: 425-257-7225