COVID-19 update

Everett District Commission Meetings will continue as normally scheduled but will be conducted remotely to practice social distancing and limited to necessary business as directed by Governor Jay Inslee

The public may access meetings telephonically by calling 425-616-3920 and using conference ID: 724 887 726#. Meetings will also be broadcasted via Everett Channel: channel 21 on Comcast, channel 29 on Frontier and streamed live at everettwa.gov/citycouncil.

Phone lines will be muted for community members accessing meetings telephonically. 

The District Commission meets the first Monday of the month at 6:00 pm. The commission may have additional meetings, that will be scheduled as needed. Next Meetings are scheduled for 7/6/20, 7/20/20 and 8/3/20. 

Visit everettwa.gov/COVID19 for up-to-date information on City operations and response, program cancellations and closures, as well as additional resources and information.

District Commission

On May 29 2019, Mayor Franklin and the City Council selected the first eight members of the district commission. The ninth member was selected by vote, by the eight member commission. All nine commissioners are from different neighborhoods across the city. The goal was to have a commission of location-based experts working on this project with the support of a Districting Master.

  • Mary Fosse
  • Chris Geray
  • James Langus
  • Ethel McNeal
  • John Monroe
  • Kari Quaas
  • Simone Tarver
  • Benjamin Young
  • Julius Wilson 

View agendas and minutes 

Watch archived meetings   Watch on YouTube

Communications Print Out - "One-Pager" (overview of process/ timeline)

In November, 2019 the nine members approved hiring Tony Fairfax as Districting Master to assist them in the development of a district plan and map that will change the City of Everett  from a majority "at large" council to "electoral districts" and two at large councilmembers. 

What are districts?

While many cities in Washington elect all of their councilmembers at-large, others have chosen to establish wards or districts, in which some or all of the councilmembers are elected by and represent specific geographic areas of the city.

City Council districts were approved by Everett voters in Nov. 2018. Voters selected a total of 5 districts and 2 at-large positions.

What is happening now?

District Commission and map drawing: The Commission and Districting Master, Tony Fairfax, are working to develop a district plan and district map. To date, they have chosen core areas of the city that lay the foundation for district boundaries. They are now discussing draft maps and the finer boundaries of the proposed districts. The commission is aiming to keep neighborhoods and community of interest as intact as possible while following the City Charter and applicable laws. As the Commission progresses, they will engage the community and solicit feedback the support the development of the final plan. A draft district plan map, will be shared with the public for comment with at least six meetings (one in each proposed district and one for the full community). These meetings will start no later than Sept. 2020.

The final district plan and map must be approved by the Commission no later than Nov. 1, 2020. City Council will then adopt the plan without modification.

Provide written comment to commission: 

The Commission is encouraging the community to send in written comment here or email Nwebber@everettwa.gov. Staff will collect comment, send it to the full commission and include it in the final meeting packet that kept in the right margin of this page. 

View Public Comment PDF - this document is updated frequently to reflect the emails the commission is receiving. 

Going forward:

Elections: Position 1-5 will eventually become the district positions, and positions 6 and 7 will become the at-large positions.

In 2019, there was an election for positions 4 and 5 (2-year, at-large terms) and for positions 6 and 7 (4-year, at-large terms).

2021 will be the first election by district. Candidates can run for 4-year terms in positions 1-5, representing the new districts. In 2023, there will be elections for positions 6 and 7 for 4-year, at-large terms.

Watch a video about districting: