Noodle's Story

Noodle has been adopted!

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Click here to donate. Donations to Fund for the Animals goes directly to helping all the animals in the shelter, including animals like Noodle who have extra special needs.

About Noodle

Noodle doesn’t have use of her back legs. The neurologist said it’s probably due to an injury she suffered as a very young pup. It doesn’t appear to be a birth defect. Of course Noodle doesn’t know she can’t use her back legs, she still gets where she wants to be!

Noodle is a happy, curious pup. The results of her DNA test have come back and her breed mix is mostly Labrador with a little Boxer/Mastiff mixed in. This little girl won't be little for very long! 

So far Noodle has had two sets of x-rays, bloodwork, a neurology consult and her first cart, paid for with donations from Everett Animal Shelter’s Fund for the Animals.This Fund is used to cover the costs of diagnosing and treating animals like Noodle; and even getting them set up with wheels if that’s what they need! Noodle is one of the many animals with special needs that come through our doors.