Needle Clean-Up Kits

Free kits for needle disposal
Kits are available to Snohomish County residents and business owners who clean up needles found in the community. The kits include a sharps container, puncture proof gloves, safety glasses, tongs, hand sanitizer and simple instructions for safe collection.

Where to pick up kits

Snohomish Health District, 3020 Rucker Ave., Everett during normal business hours.


What to do when you find a needle

Needle return

Approved sharps containers can be returned to the location above. Milk jugs, soda bottles and tin cans are not considered to be sharps containers and will not be accepted.
This program is intended for residents and business owners cleaning up used needles found in the community. Individuals using insulin shots or other similar uses should dispose of their used needles in sharps containers provided by local pharmacies or clinics.

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