Are you an experienced officer?

The Everett Police Department is actively seeking and hiring seasoned officers to help fill its ranks. If you have at least two years in the last three years of full-time paid service as a sworn police officer in a civilian governmental jurisdiction with extensive patrol experience, you are eligible to apply to the Everett Police Department as a Lateral or Experienced Police Officer.

Experienced Police Officer Incentive Program

Washington State experienced Police officers who successfully complete their probation with the Everett Police Department are eligible for a $20,000 hiring incentive. Out of State experienced officers are eligible for a $15,000 hiring incentive.  

For more information contact: 
Meg DiBucci

Application Process:

Application materials may be accessed online. All applicants are required to complete and submit the City of Everett employment application and supplemental questionnaire.

Supplemental Questionnaire

The first part of the testing process is a panel review of your responses to the supplemental questionnaire. Therefore, please treat this portion as a TEST. Your responses on the supplemental questionnaire will be source of information used to determine whether you meet the eligibility requirements to continue in this process. The questionnaire is blind-rated, meaning the only identification seen by the raters a computer assigned identification number. Completely answer all questions on the supplemental questionnaire as resumes are not used.

You will be notified by email and/or phone concerning your results – pass or fail.

Oral Panel Evaluation

When you successfully pass the supplemental questionnaire/test with a grade of 70 or higher, you are eligible to continue in the evaluation process. Everett Police Department (EPD) Training division will contact you to schedule a time for an oral panel evaluation. At that time, you will receive a Personal History Statement questionnaire with instructions for completion from Human Resources department. To continue in the process you will need to score a grade of 70 or higher to be eligible to be placed on a list. EPD will be in contact with you to assist you further in the process.

Background Process

Once you have successfully completed the testing process, the background investigation will begin which will include an initial interview, background check, criminal history check, polygraph (lie detector) exam, and suitability assessment.

Summary of Experienced Officer Benefits

Competitive Wages

Experienced Officers start at the top base monthly wage, currently $94,620 per year.

City Match on Deferred Compensation Retirement Plan

For 2019, the employer will match up to $2,363.92 annually.


Laterals accrue vacation based on total years of qualifying law enforcement service:

Years of Service# of Work Hours Per MonthHours Per Year
1st Year10.000120
2nd Year10.667128
3rd & 4th Years11.333136
5th Year12.000144
6th & 7th Years12.667152
8th & 9th Years13.333160
10th - 14th Years14.000168
15th - 19th Years15.333184
20th - 24th Years16.667200
25th year & Beyond18.667224

An experienced applicant who has had continuous commissioned police officer service as recognized by the Washington Criminal Justice Training Commission will have his/her vacation accrual calculated upon his/her years of continuous police officer service. The employee needs to provide the City with proof of the years of continuous service as a commissioned police officer. Lapse of continuous service over 4 weeks will not be considered continuous service. Upon approval by Human Resources, the officer will begin accruing the appropriate level of vacation beginning the next pay period.


In lieu of holiday time off, employees receive a holiday bank of 120 hours each year. If the bank hours are not used during the year, the employee can cash-out for the unused hours in December. Employees hired after January 1st will have their hours prorated.

Longevity & College Incentive

Officers have the option of receiving either the longevity or college incentive, but not both of the following:

After the completion of 4 years with EPD2.0% per month additional
After the completion of 8 years with EPD3.5% per month additional
After the completion of 12 years with EPD5.5% per month additional
After the completion of 16 years with EPD7.0% per month additional
After the completion of 20 years with EPD9.0% per month additional
After the completion of 24 years with EPD11.0% per month additional
After the completion of 28 years with EPD13.0% per month additional

College Incentive
45 credits (one year)2.0% per month additional
90 credits (two years)3.5% per month additional
135 credits (three year)5.5% per month additional
B.A. or B.S. Degree7.0% per month additional
Master's Degree9.0% per month additional
Ph.D. or Doctorate11.0% per month additional

Medical, Dental and Vision Plan for Officers and Dependents

Medical: The City provides the following two (2) plans.

  • HMA (City Self-Insured PPO Plan)
  • Kaiser (HMO)

Dental: Delta Dental of Washington

Vision: HMA Vision Coverage

For more information regarding benefits, contact Marcy Hammer, Benefits Coordinator at 425-257-7035.

Specialty Pay for Specialty Assignment

Specialty assignments are paid 4% above the first class officers Base Monthly Wage.

Specialty Assignments
Bomb TechnicianMotorcycle Patrol Officer
Tactical Team MemberACT Team Member
Dive Team MembersVideo Forensics
Canine HandlersTraining Officer
Hostage NegotiatorsRange Master
Tactical Team CoordinatorsBackground Investigations Officer
Investigations DetectiveSchool Resource Officer

Additional Benefits

  • College tuition reimbursement program 
  • LEOFF II Pension plan

More Information

Send us an email to have a recruiter contact you.