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Update (May 24, 2017): Access to lower Howarth Park restored; eastern access remains closed

Visitors to Howarth Park will be able to access the lower part of Howarth Park for Memorial Day weekend. Beginning today, drivers will be able to enter the park from the west side, off Mukilteo Boulevard at Seahurst Avenue (by the Howarth tennis courts); the eastern access to the lower park will remain closed. The beach will be accessible via the pedestrian overpass. View a map of the closure and current access points. (PDF)

Signs will notify drivers along Mukilteo Boulevard that the Seahurst park entrance is open, and there will be signage at Mukilteo Boulevard and Olympic Drive indicating that the east park entrance along Olympic is closed. 

The City closed both access roads to Howarth Park last week in response to recent landslides.
City staff expect to reopen the eastern entrance to the park, restoring full access, by the end of next week, once the slide debris has been completely removed. The slide-debris removal work involves removing some trees in the area and coordination between parks and public works crews. 

The City coordinated with a geotechnical engineering consultant and the parks department urban forester to develop a tree removal plan, which will be implemented as soon as Thursday. Once necessary trees are removed, public works crews will begin removing the slide debris from the Olympic Blvd access road.