Lessons held at Clark Park Tennis Courts

Tennis Camp - Beginner, 9-17 yrs

Learn the fundamentals of tennis: forehand, backhand and serving.

Tennis Camp - Intermediate, 9-17 yrs

Reinforce beginner skills. Learn to lob, volley, deliver an overhead smash and develop a winning strategy.

Team Tennis, 10-18 yrs

Try Team Tennis! Students who have completed beginning lessons can learn the strategy and competitive aspects of match play while fine-tuning ground strokes, serves, volleys and lobs. This class is perfect for advanced beginners, moderately experienced tennis players or competitive players striving to stay fresh. Practice slots are open Monday through Thursday. Participants play Friday matches with neighboring community teams. Everyone gets to play. Match times will be announced. Carpool/parent participation is required for matches. Bring one can of unopened new tennis balls and a racket. Uniforms are provided. Minimum prerequisite: Beginning lessons.
Registration begins April 1 
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