Animal Control

Everett Animal Control officers enforce City of Everett animal codes and offer educational and outreach programs for the safety and health of companion animals and residents of the City of Everett.
  1. Barking Dogs

    Find the steps to take if you have a barking dog issue in your neighborhood.

  2. Cruelty & Neglect

    If you suspect animal cruelty or neglect or have concerns about a pet's health or living condition, please contact Everett Animal Control.

  3. Animal Control Complaints

  4. Feral Cats

    Feral or wild cats remain one of the biggest challenges animal shelters have. Many of these cats were abandoned and have become wild out of self-preservation.

  5. Leash Law

    Any animal, within city limits, off the property of its owner, unless restrained by leash, shall be deemed “at large” and in violation of the City of Everett’s leash law.

  6. FAQ

    Frequently asked questions

  7. Breed-Specific Legislation