Comprehensive Plan Docket Cycle

Amendments to the City's Comprehensive Plan can be initiated by interested citizens under the docket process. Docketing is a public participation procedure required by the state Growth Management Act (GMA) that allows citizens the opportunity to request amendments to a jurisdiction's comprehensive plan and implementing development regulations on an annual basis.

2018-2019 Docket Cycle

The City has prepared draft amendments to the city's comprehensive plan, including a rewrite of the city's Land Use Element which would reduce the number of land use designations from 28 down to 6.

In addition, an amendment to both the Land Use and Urban Design Elements would add East Marine View Drive as a gateway corridor.

Finally, the Land Use Element amendments include additional language to focus on specific geographic areas in the city, such as Evergreen Way, North Broadway, Everett Mall and Paine Field, for community and economic revitalization purposes.

For more information, please email David Stalheim, Long Range Planning Manager or call 425-257-8731.

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