Comprehensive Plan Docket Cycle

Amendments to the City's Comprehensive Plan can be initiated by interested citizens under the docket process.  Docketing is a public participation procedure required by the state Growth Management Act (GMA) that allows citizens the opportunity to request amendments to a jurisdiction's comprehensive plan and implementing development regulations on an annual basis.      

City Council Approves the 2017-2018 Docket

  1. Comprehensive Plan Amendments (PC Resolution 17-10) (Council Packet)

     Amendments to Chapter 2, Land Use Element regarding map reference and map correction. Correct the comprehensive plan land use map to reflect the adopted municipal urban growth area (MUGA) and remove land use designations for two areas located in the unincorporated area and outside the City’s MUGA.  Also, add a text reference to an interactive version of the land use map (Figure 6) in the Land Use Element.
  2. Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map Amendment and Rezone (PC Resolution 17-11) (Council Packet)

    Amend the comprehensive plan land use designation map from 1.3 (single family detached, 10-12 du/ac) to 1.6 (multiple family, 20-29 du/ac).  Amend the zoning map from R-2 (single family medium density residential) to R-3 (multiple family medium density residential) to allow use of the existing two-story home as a duplex for 1609 Walnut Street.  

The related ordinances will be on-line soon.  If you would like to find out more information about the applications or about the process, please contact Karen Stewart at 425-257-7186 or at