Supportive Housing Facility

The "Housing First" model prioritizes finding stable, supportive housing for people experiencing homelessness, and then connecting them with services and treatment. The City's focus is on housing chronically homeless individuals, which are those who have been on the streets for at least a year or without housing four times in three years.

The City is working with Catholic Housing Services/Catholic Community Services to build a permanent supportive apartment facility with on-site services and case management for 65 chronically homeless individuals, many of whom struggle extensively with mental illness and addiction.  

Project updates

  • The final actions required to transfer the property to Catholic Housing Services (CHS) will go before the City Council on Jan. 3, 2018. Pending Council approval, CHS expects to break ground by mid-January.
  • The Evergreen Way Alliance is a group of community members and business owners organizing to identify and pursue improvements along the Evergreen corridor. Email the group for information or to get involved.
  • SEPA review: A public hearing was held on May 18, 2017 and the hearing examiner approved the project on June 5. To learn more, visit the Planning Department's project page.
  • The City Council passed a resolution on Nov. 9, 2016, designating the Berkshire property as the preferred site for the supportive housing project.

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Why is Everett building a supportive housing facility?

Our community needs a range of housing options. This project focuses on the chronically homeless, those who have been on the streets for at least a year or without housing four times in a 3-year period. Many also struggle with addiction and/or mental illness.

According to the 2016 Point-In-Time count, the City of Everett’s homeless population accounted for 47% of households experiencing homelessness in Snohomish County. The PIT count found 231 individuals experiencing chronic homelessness in the county, including 114 in Everett. 

Chronically homeless individuals are often victims of crime and illness, and therefore often frequent utilizers of emergency systems, including police, fire, EMS, jail and the hospital. Their use of those resources is very expensive because those systems are ill-equipped to address their underlying social and health needs. 

Getting them off the streets and into housing reduces their impact on the community, and can provide the stability they need to begin seeking treatment and taking other positive steps. The "Housing First" model has successfully been used by other communities in Washington State and across the country to house and support the chronically homeless.