Safe Streets Work Crew

Safe Streets Work Crew
In April 2016, the City began a work crew program as an expansion of our diversion alternatives. As an alternative to prosecution, low-level offenders pick up garbage, sweep streets, return grocery carts and clean up areas affected by street crime.  The Safe Streets Work Crew is supervised by experienced and responsive staff, who also provide outreach and education for participants to promote positive life changes.  

News release: Safe Streets work crew program gets underway along north Broadway
Participants are supervised while cleaning up trash, debris and waste along Broadway, Smith Avenue and other high-traffic areas in the city. Program supervisors will work with local businesses to coordinate the pickup of public trash and needles on their property within close proximity of city sidewalks and streets.

Work crew participants have the opportunity to take classes and learn skills such as time management, communication and problem solving. 

The program is managed by Friendship Diversion Services at the direction of the City Prosecuter's Office, and is located on the lower level of XFinity Arena at 2000 Hewitt Ave Suite 120.  The work crew operates Monday through Thursday.