Report Water Pollution

Report Pollution FINAL

Stormwater and You Video

Watch the "City of Everett Stormwater and You" video.
If you observe clogged storm drains, accidental spills or anyone dumping into a storm drain, creek or other body of water in the city of Everett, call the City of Everett Public Works Department 24-hours a day at 425-257-8821.

It is illegal to dump (discharge) anything other than stormwater into a storm discharge system (illicit discharge) or to connect any unauthorized pipe, ditch, or other manmade structure to a storm drainage system (illicit connection). Spills are an unintentional release of non-stormwater substance to the City’s stormwater drainage system or property related to a single event. Even if accidental, the spill must be diverted, mitigated or cleaned up immediately.

Warning Signs of Illicit Discharge or Connections

Illicit Discharge is any discharge or spill to city drainage systems, creeks or wetlands that is not compromised entirely of stormwater. View information about Illicit Discharge (PDF).

Natural Occurring Water Quality Concerns

There are a few situations where natural occurring phenomenon can appear to be serious pollution problems.
View our Natural Occurring Concerns (PDF).