Claremont Neighborhood Historic Inventory

In 2014 the City received a state grant to prepare a report on the mid-century Claremont Neighborhood and to inventory 12 representative properties in the neighborhood. The report is entitled "Mid-Century Everett: A context Statement -- Post-War Residential Development, Modern-Era Design, and the Claremont Neighborhood.

In 2016 the City completed an inventory of residences in a portion of the Claremont Heights Neighborhood. All but three of the houses within the project area date from between 1946 and 1963. Ninety new historic property inventory forms were completed. The consultant's report concluded that, overall the neighborhood retains its distinct post-war characteristics and exhibits considerable continuity with most properties appearing to likely contribute to a potential local and/or National Register Historic District. The next steps included assessing if there is further interest in creating a historic overlay district in Claremont.