Northwest Stormwater Separation Project

Project Description
The Northwest Neighborhood Stormwater Separation (NWSS) Project is in the preliminary planning phase with a near-term objective of eliminating basement flooding and surface flooding in the general area of Alverson, Grand, Rucker and Hoyt, Colby and Wetmore between 4th and 10th streets and at EvCC Rainier Hall. A construction project is proposed to accomplish the above improvements in 2017.
A new separate storm drainage network would be constructed in this area – similar to the work done in the Sewer M area nearby to the south. A larger study area is being examined to define the extent of possible future expansions of the storm drainage network to further enhance the various system benefits. See this map/exhibit showing the Study Area. View Study Area Overview exhibit November 2015 PDF.
This project addresses the following sewer and storm drainage system issues:
•   Eliminate basement flooding on Alverson, Grand, Rucker and Hoyt, Colby and Wetmore between 4th and 10th streets.
•   Eliminate sewer backup and storm water flooding at Rainier Hall at Everett Community College (EvCC).
•   Separate stormwater from the combined sewer system in other areas to the east (EvCC, Waverly neighborhood area, etc.) which further improves the following issues.
•   Improve “level of service” for sewer collection system in overall general area.
•   Free-up capacity in the existing trunk sewer downstream to the southeast.
•   Reduce the frequency of discharges of combined sewage to Snohomish River.
•   Free-up capacity in the City’s wastewater treatment plant.

Proposed improvements and respective sewer and storm drainage system benefits include:

•   A separate storm drainage network would collect drainage from streets and alleys thus reducing or eliminating the risk of sewer backups and flooding – similar to the Sewer M project nearby to the south.
•   Utilize the Legion Memorial Golf Course pond system for detention and treatment of storm drainage from City streets and alleys.  Some storm water can be used for irrigation reducing the consumption of potable water.  Excess storm water could be routed to an existing stream on the golf course that drains northerly to the Maulsby Swamp and Port Gardner.
•   Collaborate with Everett Community College to handle storm drainage from the Rainier Hall area and other portions of the EvCC campus.
•   Additional, future separation of street and alley drainage in the Waverly neighborhood and adjacent parking lots.

Project Partnerships
The NWSS project will benefit from the collaboration of several stakeholders: City of Everett (Public Works), City Parks/Legion Memorial Golf Course and Everett Community College. In particular, the pond network on the Legion Memorial Golf Course offers a logical and cost effective opportunity for storm water detention – a place to put storm runoff from city streets and alleys and from Everett Community College. As the preliminary design evolves, each stakeholder will better understand what resources they might contribute, what benefits they would realize, and costs. Opportunities to obtain grant funding will also be pursued.

Public Information and Involvement
Pre-Design Notice, November 6, 2015 (PDF)
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