Child Safety ~ Car Seats

Is your car seat installed correctly? Is your child safe?

It is estimated that 8 in 10 child seats are not installed or used correctly.

To use car seats properly, always read your vehicle and car seat manuals. Additionally, get the seat inspected by a certified Child Passenger Safety Seat Technician. If you have questions, or want to schedule an inspection appointment, contact the Everett Police Child Passenger Safety Seat Technician (Officer Haberlach). Be sure to include the following information:

  • Your child’s age, height and weight
  • Vehicle year, make and model
  • Car seat brand, model number, serial number and manufacture date (found on a sticker somewhere on the seat but if you can’t find it, we’ll help you locate it)
If my seat is inspected by a police officer, will I get a ticket for doing it wrong?

No. The purpose of inspections are to keep children safe in cars, not to give tickets.
How much does it cost?

There is NO COST - Car seat inspections are free.
Will you install my seat for me?

No. However, the technician will work you through the process of deciding where and how to install the seat then confirm it is properly done. The technician will show you the installation process then allow you the opportunity to practice to make sure your child is safe.
What should I expect?

  • An educational experience!
  • Bring your car seat manual and the vehicle owner’s manual
  • Your car seat will be inspected to make sure it is the appropriate size and being used properly
  • You will learn and practice how to install and remove the seat
  • Get information on the next steps as your child grows
  • The technician will answer questions you have about child passenger safety