Safe Streets: Housing

Rendering of the new supportive housing facility

The City is using the "Housing First" model to reduce the impact of chronically homeless individuals on the community by providing low-barrier supportive housing.

What is "Housing First"?

Housing First is an approach that offers permanent, affordable housing as quickly as possible for individuals experiencing homelessness, and then provides the supportive services and connections to the community-based supports people need to keep their housing and avoid returning to homelessness.

Is the City building an apartment facility?

The City is working with Catholic Housing Services/Catholic Community Services to build a permanent supportive apartment facility with on-site services and case management for 65 chronically homeless individuals, many of whom struggle extensively with mental illness and addiction.  

Read more about the City's supportive housing facility.

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These principles lay the foundation for Everett's commitment to using the "Housing First" approach in the Safe Streets plan.

  • Use the proven Housing First model to provide housing for chronically homeless frequent utilizers to reduce their impact on the community and improve their response to treatment
  • For this model to work, it is imperative that other jurisdictions provide low-barrier housing in their communities in conjunction with Everett's efforts