Safe Streets: Housing

Safe Streets Plan: Housing

Under the Safe Streets plan, the City is using the "Housing First" model to reduce the impact of chronically homeless individuals on the community by providing low-barrier supportive housing.



  • Use the proven Housing First model to provide housing for chronically homeless frequent utilizers to reduce their impact on the community and improve their response to treatment
  • For this model to work, it is imperative that other jurisdictions provide low-barrier housing in their communities in conjunction with Everett's efforts


  • Build low-barrier, permanent supportive housing for the chronically homeless; the City's initial commitment is to house five individuals by the end of January 2016, and a total of 20 individuals by July 2016
  • Partner with other affected agencies to provide supportive services for housing.
  • Develop a controlled-access permanent supportive housing facility in Everett with on-site supportive services.