Safe Streets: Enforcement & Outreach

What's new? 

Under the Safe Streets plan, the City will expand and enhance our use of effective traditional policing and prosecution models to reduce street crime, while also implementing innovative new criminal justice models.


  • Address immediate public safety issues with arrest and jail
  • Provide an effective backbone to diversion programs by having swift and certain punishment for non-compliance
  • Allocate police, prosecution and court resources to crimes that have the greatest impact on public safety.
  • Create a dedicated Community Outreach and Enforcement Team in the police department, including four new officers, a sergeant, and two full-time social workers, plus an additional prosecutor
  • Make effective use of jail, including out-of-county alternatives such as the Yakima County Jail, to enforce against criminal behavior
  • Amend the City’s aggressive begging ordinance to create a business partnership program and public education program, as well as a designated donation fund to support social services