Like many cities and communities throughout the United States, Everett is facing complex issues of homelessness, mental illness, crime and addiction on our streets. 

What is the City doing to address these issues?

The City of Everett's comprehensive Safe Streets plan (PDF) uses outreach and enforcement, supportive housing and diversion programs to address issues of homelessness, mental illness, crime and addiction. The plan builds on the recommendations of the Community Streets Initiative task force. Learn more about the three elements of the City's Safe Streets plan:

  • Diversion
    • The City has implemented and expanded alternative policing and prosecution models to reduce community resources spent and encourage social services and treatment options over traditional policing.
  • Enforcement & Outreach
    • The City has enhanced the use of effective traditional policing and prosecution methods to reduce street crime, while also implementing innovative new models.
  • Housing
    • Following the "Housing First" model, the City is building a low-barrier supportive housing facility for chronically homeless individuals to cut down barriers that make it difficult for them to secure housing. This model allows chronically homeless individuals to focus on goals that promote positive outcomes in their lives.

Safe Streets Videos