2018 Recruit Holding a Hydrant

Learn: About Everett Fire

Everett Fire Department employs 5-6 engine companies, 1 ladder company, 1 cross-staffed engine & ladder, 3 ALS medic units and 3-4 BLS aid units as staffing allows. There are 6 fire stations located throughout the city, and 184 uniformed firefighters. In 2020 the department responded to just over 21,600 alarms, of which 87% were dispatched as medical in nature.

The men and women who serve the City of Everett come from all types of backgrounds. We vary in culture as well as educational background. Some of our people stem from generations of fire personnel, while some had no experience until becoming a member of our department. The department strives to reflect the diversity of our city in its employees.

The fire department provides additional special services to the community. These services include response to hazardous materials incidents, water rescue, rope and technical rescue, and Advanced Life Support (paramedic). Becoming part of a special team that will respond to these skill-specific incidents requires additional training, which the department provides to individuals selected for the teams.

As a newly hired Everett firefighter, you begin by attending the Snohomish County Training Academy. The Academy is a multi-agency partnership between 10 local agencies. Recruits are those who have already been hired by each agency. During this intensive training, you will use both mental and physical skills in preparation for your career in the fire service. The class curriculum covers instruction in areas such as fire suppression and hazardous materials. Please check out this video from Q13 about the Academy.

As a City of Everett firefighter, you may seek to serve in additional career positions in the areas of Fire Suppression (such as Paramedic, Driver and Captain), Fire Investigation, Training, and Administration.

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