Water Supply


Everett's current situation as of May 15, 2019

Everett's water supply source, Spada Lake Reservoir, is at 92% of its normal storage for this time of year. The 90-day forecast is for above normal temperature and normal precipitation.

Annual average water usage throughout the Everett system in 2018 was 53 MGD. January/April 2019 usage was about 4% above the past 5-year average.

The water supply is adequate. The projection is that there will be adequate water supply for 2019.

Everett's most recent water situation fact sheet (PDF).

Spada Lake reservoir elevation (PDF) updated May 15, 2019.

Spada Lake reservoir demand & rainfall graphs

Spada Lake reservoir demand (PDF) for January-December 2018.

Spada Lake reservoir precipitation (PDF) for January-December 2018.

Water conservation program

View or download details about Everett's regional water conservation program.