Food Vending

Fire Inspections of mobile food vehicles and special event cooking in canopies or tents temporarily or permanently where food items are processed or prepared and sold to the public shall comply with the 2012 International Fire Code and the Everett Municipal Fire Code.
US DOT Compressed Gas Cylinders Requirements

  1. Mobile Food Vending
  • Type I hood shall be installed at or above all commercial cooking appliances and domestic cooking appliances used for commercial purposes that produce grease vapors. Commercial kitchen exhaust hoods shall comply with the requirements of the International Mechanical Code, and be inspected every six months by a contractor. 
  • An approved 2A:20B:C rated dry chemical fire extinguisher shall be provided within 30 feet of deep fat fryers using animal fat oil. An approved Class K rated fire extinguisher shall be provided within 30 feet of deep fat fryers using vegetable oils.
  • Liquefied petroleum gas;   a maximum of two LP-gas containers with a total aggregate water capacity of 25 gallons is permitted at one mobile food vehicle.
  • Hoses shall be designed for a working pressure of 350 psig with a safety factor of 5 to 1 and shall be continuously marked with LP-GAS, PROPANE, 350 PSI WORKING PRESSURE, and the manufacturer’s name or trademark. 
  • Hose assemblies, after the application of couplings, shall have a design capability of 700 psig. Hose assemblies shall be leak tested at the time of installation at not less the operating pressure of the system in which they are installed and will be soap tested at each inspection. 
  • US DOT Compressed Gas Cylinders Requirements

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