Kathi Kay: aquatics

Kathi Kay was drawn to aquatics at the age of 15 and hasn’t left the pool since. From that first job as a lifeguard, a 30-year career current has led Kathi to the Forest Park Swim Center, where she schedules parties, supervises guards and teaches. 

“I like the feeling of moving through the water,” Kathi says. She adds that her favorite part of her job is teaching preschoolers how to have fun in the water, too. “You just need to gain their trust and not push beyond the level they’re ready for.” 

Helping people of all ages feel at ease in the swim center is Kathi’s main objective. Filled with rippled natural light, rhythmic splashes and laughing visitors, it’s a place she loves spending her days. 

“The atmosphere of the entire park is just wonderful, and the people here are very supportive and fun to be around,” Kathi says. “I don’t think I’ve ever had a day here when I haven’t wanted to come in.”