Andy Boos: hikes, walks & snowshoeing

If ever a man has earned his nickname, it’s Alpine Andy, a.k.a., Andy Boos. The multi-award winning Seattle Mountaineer member has climbed to more than 1,000 summits and led approximately 2,000 hiking, walking and snowshoe trips for Everett Parks and Recreation.

Combined with an intimate understanding of the region’s wilderness and affable nature, Andy has helped earn a cadre of regulars during his years with Everett Parks. But the excitement of helping someone new “discover the magic that’s out there right in our backyard” is one of the reasons Andy loves his job.

“I’m very fortunate to have built up a loyal following over the years, but there is still nothing I enjoy more than having the opportunity to meet a newcomer,” Andy says. “Many first-timers worry that they will never be able to keep up. They don’t need to worry, everybody deserves to enjoy the hike. I’ll make sure I do what I can so that everyone can.”

At least one trip per season is well-suited to families and chaperoned youth, as well. Each season also offers a handful of excursions designated only for experienced hikers in good physical condition. Many more are adaptable for a range of ability levels.

“Hopefully, you’ll learn a few things along the way when you go with me. I try to share my knowledge of the places we visit-the flora and fauna, and the history,” he says. “Since we travel in a group of sometimes a dozen or more, you’ll meet plenty of nice, interesting, like-minded people.”

Andy Boos