Christine Borys: yoga

What began as a tool learned during the 1970’s college seminar about the satyagrahi lifestyle gradually has come to define Christine Borys and become her vocation. “I discovered immediate results of feeling very calm and peaceful mentally, and my body felt more freedom, more lightness and less tension,” Borys recalls. “I decided it would be a process I would practice for life.”

Chris has been teaching yoga since the mid-1990s and earned certification as a traditional Hatha instructor in 1998. She retired early from Verizon in 2001 to devote herself to yoga.

More than simply offering step-by-step instruction, Borys’ students say she embodies the art. “People do remark that I seem to be very peaceful,” she says, laughing a little. “Yoga gives you some tools to help ease the burdens of life.”

Chris says she rarely suffers from illnesses or dips in energy, enjoys a baseline feeling of wholeness and feels that her body is toned and adaptable to new activity. Teaching others how to experience the same benefits and discover the inner calm that comes from sustained yoga practice is her “passion.”

Christine Borys