Roy Holman: yoga

“Yoga is about walking your own path, finding your own truth, being more yourself,” Roy says. “To me, although the physical benefits of yoga are awesome, it is less about hamstrings and more about healing our self and the earth, one person at a time.”

Roy began practicing yoga many years ago as he sought a way to calm and clarify his thoughts and recover from depression.

“I was amazed at how one yoga class could help me feel so grounded, relaxed and alive again,” Roy recalls.

Yoga practice was so profoundly helpful for Roy, that he soon began studying to teach it in hopes of helping other people. He’s now certified in Yoga, Meditation and Healing by India’s Oneness University and is a published author, business owner and well-known instructor who is “passionate about helping other people find their own true power and purpose.”

Roy emphasizes that all are welcome in his classes-people of all shapes, ages, experience levels and belief systems. Students frequently comment that they appreciate the supportive, non-competitive atmosphere of Roy’s classes.

Roy Holman