Meet Our Instructors


Andy Boos

Hikes, Walks and Snowshoe Leader

This multi-award winning Seattle Mountaineer member has climbed to more than 1,000 summits and led thousands of hiking, walking and snowshoe trips for Everett Parks & Community Services. Andy says, “Many first-time hikers worry that they will never be able to keep up. They don’t need to worry. Everybody deserves to enjoy the hike. I’ll make sure to do what I can so that everyone has a good time.”

Christine Borys

Yoga Instructor

 “Yoga gives you tools to help ease the burdens of life,” says Christine. She began teaching yoga in the 1990s, earned certification as a traditional Hatha instructor in 1998 and retired from a business career early in 2001 to spend more time sharing the benefits of yoga. Chris says she rarely suffers from illnesses or dips in energy, enjoys a baseline sense of wholeness, and feels toned and adaptable to new activity.


Roy Holman

Yoga and Meditation Instructor

“Yoga is about walking your own path, finding your own truth, being more yourself,” says Roy Holman. He’s certified by India’s Oneness University to teach in yoga, meditation and healing, and is a published author, business owner and well-known instructor. Students frequently comment that they appreciate the supportive, non-competitive atmosphere of Roy’s classes.


Marianne Pugsley

Aquatics Manager and Swim Instructor

Safety and aquatics education are Marianne’s top priorities. “We have excellent staff here,” says Marianne. The swim lessons, lap swim, fitness classes, and the open swim sessions are all closely supervised by Marianne’s team of highly trained lifeguards and instructors. Marianne says, “My favorite classes to teach are preschool, because I can be silly with them!” 


Phil Rognier

Baseball Day Camp Instructor 

Phil Rognier teaches life’s little lessons through baseball. Day campers come to have fun learning and playing baseball, but they also learn important life skills along the way. Phil is executive director of FirstSwing, a Washington state non-profit and one of Everett Parks and Community Services' partners.