Jetty Interpretive Classes

Nature Walks
Explore the island with a Jetty naturalist as your guide. Ask questions and get answers about wildlife, flora and geology.
M-Th July 5-Sep 1, 11:30am
F, Sa July 8-Sep 3, 1pm
Su July 10-Sep 4, 11:30am

Hug A Bug

Insects are everywhere! Look closely and meet and learn about the life cycles of the most interesting bug species on Jetty Island.
Th July 7, Aug 18, 1pm
W July 13, 1pm 
F July 22, Aug 26, 3pm
Tu July 26, Aug 9, 1pm 
M Aug 1, 1pm 
A Whale Of A Time 
Get the facts about the whales of Puget Sound, especially the gentle gray whales. Discover what they eat and how they sound. Learn when they travel through our area and how to spot them. 
F July 8, Aug 12, 3pm
Th July 14, 1pm
W July 20, Aug 3, 1pm
M July 25, Aug 29, 1pm 
Tu Aug 16, 1pm 
Grab A Crab
Experience the Jetty’s rich crab life first as a scientist, then as a diner. Learn about, observe, catch and taste the Dungeness and other crab species that live in and around Port Gardner Bay. 
Tu July 12, Aug 30, 1pm
M July 18, Aug 15, 1pm
W July 27, Aug 10, 1pm
F Aug 5, 3pm
Th Aug 25, 1pm 
Take a bite out of shark phobia as we hunt for the truth about these ancient and misunderstood predators. 
W July 6, Aug 17, 1pm
F July 15, Aug 2, 3pm
Tu July 19, Aug 2, 1pm
Th July 28, Aug 11, 1pm
M Aug 22, 1pm 
Survivor Island, 8-15 yrs
It may not be a jungle out here, but the Jetty is a wild place to live. Could you survive a week on the island? How about a month or more? Join the adventure and take home a new set of survival skills. 
M July 11, Aug 8, 1pm
Th July 21, Aug 4, 1pm
F July 29, Aug 19, 3pm
Tu Aug 23, 1pm
W Aug 31, 1pm